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Wayne Mulcahy

Director and Family Council Executive


David Mulcahy

Director and Family Council Executive


Peter Mulcahy

Director and Family Council Executive

With over 50 years in the dairy industry, Wayne grew up within the family dairy business before completing a mechanical engineering degree and working off farm for an Australian multi national as a factory engineer.


He returned in 2000 after a call from twin brothers David and Peter with a family expansion plan for the business. His return coincided with the development of the Mulcahy dairy processing plant in Kyabram, which the family named Southern Processing, that has been an outstanding success.


As the eldest brother of six children of Des & Joyce Mulcahy, there was always family, work and challenges to be solved.  Wayne’s passion has been innovation and community. For those who have experienced the Kyvalley Dairy Group of businesses, one can see his legacy and experience rubbing off both mechanically and culturally.


The family expansion into fresh chilled milk exports in Asia in 2006 has seen Wayne spearhead the development of export processes and quality control. This included developing container refrigeration and product tagging systems that are now recognised as leading practices throughout Australia providing traceability and quality control.


“The vision and drive of my parents and grandparents has provided the foundations that enabled the family to move into innovation and strategic stewardship with confidence” says Wayne. With a family legacy and culture firmly in place, Wayne prides himself on galvanising the extended family to continue the Mulcahy legacy for future generations.

Being the 5th generation of a dairy family David further developed the family dairy enterprises in 1982 after buying his own property with the support of the family. After years of successfully running this enterprise he joined with his brother Peter in the next evolution of the Mulcahy family businesses.


After the transformation to an a2 herd, David has overseen the growth to over 3,500 cows and the development of Southern Processing milk plant. David developed a milk home delivery business that distributed to over 3,000 regional households and was later sold to Aussie Farmers Direct.


In realising the benefits of home delivery of milk David worked to set up milk deliveries to schools. He wanted to ensure students had daily access to the health benefits of dairy products. “We appreciate the special nature of a family business and the flexibility to engage with our community in a way that makes a difference” says David. It is the whole family commitment to their community that inspires trust in the Mulcahy name. 


Continuing his commitment to make a difference David is an advocate for regional Australia and was a co-founder and Director for the Australian Dairy Conference. The conferences aim to educate and advocate for Australian dairy farmers.

After growing up in the dairy industry Peter, in 1987, together with brother David, took control of the family farming operations and began the next evolution of the Mulcahy family businesses.


From the beginning Peter was known in the area as an entrepreneur, an innovator and a leader in the community. Peter knew that hard work, commitment and family unity were fundamental to continuing and growing a multi-generational business.


“We have been able to survive the tough times, this has been largely due to the family unity that underpins our business” Peter explains.


Peter was instrumental in converting cow herds in Victoria across to a2 genetics beginning with their own herds in 2002. The Mulcahy herds are now completely a2 genetics. The Mulcahy’s understood the benefits of a2 through personal experience and are now a major supplier of a2 throughout Australia and Asia.


As a community minded businessman Peter was one of the founding members of the Waterpool Co-op which assists farmers by providing transparency in water trading. He could see that water trading was no longer controlled by farmers. Rather than focus on his own family economic gain the ethical aspect of assisting the greater community lead to the founding of the Waterpool Co-op. 

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