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160 years of experience

Migrating from Ireland in 1857, the Mulcahy’s made North Central Victoria home in 1879 when James and Bridget Mulcahy, with their thirteen children, settled in Byrneside establishing a permanent base for their small dairy business.


​Years of hard work followed and the Mulcahy name became known throughout the region for producing quality dairy products. Through succession planning, twin brothers Peter and David were able to purchase the family farm they had grown up on and with ambitious plans they created the Mulcahy Brothers brand in 1987.


​The 1990s was a period of expansion with the purchase of new farms and an ever-increasing number of dairy cattle from a base of around 280 cows to 3,500 in 2001.


​Oldest brother Wayne – a mechanical engineer by profession who had been working for a multinational - joined the group in 2000 to project manage the building of the family’s dairy processing facility at Kyabram and became the group's first CEO. The building of the family's first factory was a critical milestone in the growth of the business as it now provided security to grow the family's milk supply.


With three branches of the family working together, including the brothers spouses Vona, Mandy, Rosalie and their 12 children, the family continued to expand and harness the strength of family support.


​Further innovation occurred in 2002 when the three brothers decided to introduce and focus on the high quality a2 dairy herd genetics.  This turning point provided the fast growing a2 Milk Company (A2M) with an experienced family milk supplier to partner and support their growth. The Mulcahy family through Kyvalley Dairy Group now supply all the a2 fresh milk that can be found in homes across Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania and the Northern Territory. 


​Throughout droughts, floods, deregulation of the dairy industry and a global financial crisis, the Mulcahy family have been able to withstand these events to continue to grow as a family, support the community and develop an experienced regional employment base of over 150 staff and contractors.


The Mulcahy family continue to expand throughout Australia and Asia (2006) through high value a2 fresh milk products, organic fresh milk and their own Kyvalley Dairy range of products with a commitment to leading practices.


​Mulcahy’s 6th generation are now heavily involved in many areas of the business from farming to administration. The 7th generation are well on the way and it is with great pride that four living generations can share in the unique and rich history and future of the Mulcahy Family.

160 years in the making

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