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Images by Alexandra

Alexandra Mulcahy is a 6th generation of the Mulcahy family and has an appreciation and love of the surrounds she has grown up and works in.

Being part of an innovative family, Alexandra has been involved in all facets of the family enterprises. This first hand experience has enabled her to intimately see the beauty of her everyday surrounds. Alexandra decided early on that capturing the beauty on the Mulcahy family farms, through photography, would enable her to share her unique world with a wider audience.

Alexandra has won awards for her photography and she believes a photo captures the essence of a moment in time - memories which future generations can share in.

For more images by Alexandra Mulcahy please visit - Miss Rural Photography 

MFO Web on fence
MFO Cows in Paddock
MFO Cattel dog on tractor
MFO wool
MFO Cow close up
KVDG Farm Landscape
KVDG Cows2
KVDG Cows 1
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